Good but not for me

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I was very excited for this one as a Shakespeare fan, but it fall flat for me. The concept was intriguing but the execution wasn't there. Maybe I didn't like it as much because i'm such a big Shakespeare fan. I feel like the author took some of my favorite female characters and made them boring. They lost what made their characters interesting. Though I did like how each of the girls ahd a distinct style in their poetry.

I also loved the idea of a trap room beneath the theater where the characters wait in limbo before being brought up to re-enact their lives and deaths is just objectively really cool, and the imagery employed there is stunning.

I hated how Juliet became a punching bag for the other characters and was made a joke in the story and she never got an apology from anyone.

I think this book is good, just not for me. I just wish it had more depth and substance to the characters and overall story.