Feminist Retelling

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Below the stage trap door, the girls and women of Shakespeare’s plays recount their stories. They’re all well known characters: Ophelia, Cordelia, Juliet, Lavinia, and more.

They all tell their stories and then retell the stories, giving themselves more autonomy and choices than Shakespeare did. They’re all more than vessels for their fathers or lovers anger and deceit.

I thought it was really neat that Cordelia spoke in iambic pentameter during her stories. She was probably my favorite, more of a realist than the others.

I honestly didn’t think I’d like this book as much as I did. The language is modern, so it’s easy to understand and their conversations under the trap door are like girlfriends today talking to each other.

The authors note at the end was also really interesting. Joy McCollough is a Shakespeare super fan, so it seems she was the best person to tell this story!