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I sadly ended up DNF'ing this book. While I thought it would be something I would love, I couldn't get into it even with an audiobook.

While the concept is cool, I don't think it did enough to distinguish itself from other Shakespeare retellings.

The writing felt a little repetitive and I just couldn't get into it. Even as a fairly short book, it wasn't holding my attention and I'm trying not to force myself to read books that are that hard for me to get into.

Someday I think I will come back to this book and give it another chance. But in the meantime I'm going to donate my copy to my local high school library so some of the kiddos can have another perspective on the Shakespeare that they read in school.

Anyway, I definitely don't think this review should discourage you from giving the book a try as I was just not in the mood! But I'm sure it will find it's audience!