Battling the Bard

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I really enjoyed this book! Enter the Body is a re-imagining of some of Shakespeare's most famous female characters. We meet Juliet, Cordelia, Ophelia and Lavinia underneath the trapdoor after their deaths onstage, along with others. They each tell their own story and then converse about the what-ifs. What if they got to choose how the story ended? Would they find a happily ever after? Would there still be tragedy? What matters is that they would each have a choice in how their story played out.

This novel is told in verse format, along with some screenplay like dialogue between our main characters. There's so much depth and connection that you can feel with this format. I especially loved Juliet's sections, mainly because that's the story I'm most familiar with, but there was so much wit and sass in her sections. I loved the creativity. While these stories are classics from Shakespeare for a reason, you can also see the injustices his female characters suffer, especially at the hands of others and misogyny in general. I definitely would recommend this to anyone who enjoys Shakespeare or retellings.