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Enter the Body
By Joy McCullough

I must admit that Shakespeare was not one of my favorite reads when I was younger. I found his work tragic, complex and deeply depressing in nature. I didn’t want to admit my own life felt just as tragic so I avoided his work like the plague when I could.

Enter the Body is a new look on Shakespeare’s work. She takes you through the “what-if’s” and shakes up the story. From the minds of these women, young girls, she gives us a glimpse into what they could have felt had it been a woman writing this instead of a man. She makes the characters question why they did what they did, what they would change, and who they would be instead of the victims they already are. She touches on tragic things and tries to bring peace to the masses instead of bloodshed.
This is one book I was pleasantly impressed with and enjoyed reading. I definitely recommend it to everyone who wants to try a different approach to Shakespeare.