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"I just want to say first and foremost, this book was harder to read than I thought it would be as it faces the cruelty done upon Shakespeare Leading Ladies in his Tragedies. This book is written in play format, and to be honest, I would quite love the opportunity to see this done as a play. The very first pages throw you into the macabre under belly of the 'Play stage' where The Leading Ladies fall dramatically after their cycle of death. How long any of them have been there they do not know. But it is a room full of corners. Through the story several of the more known female characters tell the beginnings of their stories from their perspectives. I do have to say that you do have to have a knowledge of Shakespearian plays to be able to understand a lot of what is Unspoken which could have been done a little better. I feel like if you have not read any of the plays spoken about it might be disjointed or hard to follow in parts. However I do love that each character takes up their story and spins it anew. Maybe not as dramatic or as gruesome as their stories were written; but how they would have done it if they had a choice. The parallel from what is done to them to some of the modern problems that have been faced, whether intentional or not, is a hard pill to swallow. I ended the book crying in a strange mix of melancholy and joy for their ability to take control of their stories through the narrative of the writer. I am very glad to have this book among my collection. My only other issue is that so much paper was used to make the book. I wish I had an e-book version of it to save on paper. However with it being in a play style format, there isn't much to be done about that. All in all a very good read that I would suggest for anyone looking for a book that might give a little kick. (Alicia said to copy past my review back in.)