A Different and Unexpected Approach

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I was not expecting this book to be drafted in the form of monologues or asides or siliques as if I was reading a play. Each of the key female characters from Shakespeare's plays, as well as some key historical figures, are represented in the Traproom scenes. I enjoy poetry and I do enjoy Shakespeare's Blank Verse; however, I was very taken aback and I feel that you should be prepared as well, because Enter the Body felt more in line with a Collection of Poetry rather than a traditional Shakespearian Play or a novel. There seems to be very little interaction between the characters listed so it looses the give and taken and playfulness that is expected from a play -- especially Shakespeare's plays.

If you like poetry, enjoy reading song lyrics, or enjoy musical theater librettos then Enter the Body will be a good fit for you because there is a lot of depth and presentation of how each of these characters feel when looking back at their story -- it's just in the formats previously mentioned. But maybe the second part of the book changes this up.