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My mother pushed me too read this because she thinks I read too much fiction, and told me to give non fiction a try because she seems to love it for some reason. I wanted to be a astronaut when I was younger so of course I picked this up. It’s written by a real astronaut after all, and it looked somewhat intriguing. And even thought I’m an adult now, I still like to make my mother happy.

I didn’t love this because at the end of the day in my opinion biographies are pretty boring and they will continue to be pretty boring. This one wasn’t that bad thought, the narrator is actually a pretty funny guy. Something he said struck to me “I don’t condone cheating but I’ve learned it’s important to be creative in solving problems.” I mean he’s not wrong.

I just felt like this book is about a guy in space but it didn’t even have a lot of material about space. I also really found his marriage interesting. Other than that this book was pretty boring, but it wasn’t bad. For a biography, I kinda liked it.