A mind-blown alternative history thriller

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In Raymond Khoury's Empire of Lies, this alternative history thriller will blow you mind. It all started when this mysterious man had an interesting proposition to the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire in Istanbul 1683 to change history. Fast forward to 2017, in present-day Turkey, Ramadan Agha works at the local hospital when a naked man appeared in the hospital with dozens of tattoos all over his body. He's happily married to his wife Nisreen, and has two kids of his own. But when this man named Ayman Rasheed remained silent and spoke in a new language, it blew his mind. His brother Kamal, works for the Sultan's private sector army, while they deal with war-like issues in Turkey. But when Rasheed's secret is discovered, mayhem and chaos ensued in the hospital. While Kamal learns about this newest development, he stops Ramadan and Nisreen with a bloody mess on the streets. When the were killed in the crossfire, it was up to Nisreen and Kamal to go back in time and make things right to change history. But the consequences might be deadly when it was up to them to stop Rasheed in his tracks for a better future.