Very unique story

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Elsewhere is a very unique story of an incredibly rural land that almost never has visitors other than the train driver who brings supplies. Every so often, though, a mother simply vanished never to be seen or heard from again. The community is seemingly accepting of these disappearing mothers and ritualistically burn any and all evidence that she’s ever existed. Shockingly, one day, a stranger makes her way to town.children are warned against strangers their entire lives, so, naturally, everyone is fascinated and captivated by this new woman from the outside world. The stranger seems to have a special interest in 1 small family, a man and his daughter, the only people in town who are suspicious of what the mysterious stranger might be up to….

I got into the story pretty quickly and was impressed by how descriptive it was without being pages and pages of…description. Well written with a bit of a thinker of a twist. Worth the read