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We've all heard of the compliment sandwich, right? And this book, I mean, it definitely had some good parts. I felt like the dialogue was pretty good, and it certainly addressed some interesting aspects of motherhood. But. . . I kinda left it feeling like "what did I just read?".
To start with, there were a ton of inconsistencies that left me super confused. Firstly, I had no idea what time period the book was set in. Based on the more formal writing style and dialogue and some of the aspects of the town, I felt like it was probably set a couple hundred years ago, or in a town that operated like it was that time. But then there were aspects that made me feel like it had to be present day, like having a phone or going out for raspberry beverages (which somehow feels very modern?). It just irked me that it was so vague.
Also, I felt like the premise of the book was, like, it. We get it. Moms disappear. But somehow, half the book was just talking about moms disappearing. No one was doing anything, it was just musings and ramblings. Maybe some people like that, but, I don't know. Not me. Something's gotta happen more than once every ten pages!
The ending, too, felt somehow unsatisfying. No spoilers, but it just left me feeling like. . . okay. . . cool. But, to conclude this sandwich positively, I think it was a creative premise and definitely brought out some interesting themes. Just could've been executed better, I think.