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This is the second novel by Alexis Schaitkin that I have read. As with the first novel, "Saint X", it was an easy, entertaining read.
"Elsewhere" takes place in a small town isolated from other civilization. What's unique to this town, is that some mothers vanish into the clouds. There is no set reason why some mothers are chosen and others not. The residents take this as a way of life, no questions asked. As mothers vanish from their families, the families and citizens follow a ritual, then life returns to normal. The novel follows the life of Vera, whose own mother disappears when she is still quite young. Vera realizes early on, that she does not have the same mindset as her peers. Her peers are anxious to marry and have families of their own. While Vera is perfectly happy and content working for her dad in his photography studio. Will Vera find her soulmate? Will she have children of her own? Will she be one of the mothers that disappear?
I enjoyed the twists and turns of the plot. The ending is not what you may expect!