This book!!

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This book was so good!! I loved everything about this book even the sad parts that almost made me want to cry, I'm so glad I read this book it made me happy in so many ways it just made me fell good and it had me thinking about love and how strong it can be.

I so adored Sawyer and Veronica's relationship so much it was so sweet and it felt so real and it was really beautifully done.

All the characters were amazing and well fleshed out, I loved that they were not perfect they all have their flaws and I think that's what makes them feel so real.

The emotion in this book felt real as well, I was pretty shocked at the end I was like "what?" "How?" It blew my mind. Even though I loved all the characters in this book I'm not to find of Sawyer's mom she I didn't like. Overall this book was amazing!! I will definitely check out more from this author.