Katie McGarry Does it Again

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I love Katie McGarry. I have read almost every one of her books. I am a sucker for them. She is a fantastic writer, and I love that she writes about kids that have had the short stick in life. This is something Katie says all the time. She writes about foster kids, kids with one or no parents, kids in low-income households/neighborhoods. And she gives these kids a story. Stories they don’t usually get-- happy ones. This is something that I love about Katie. Most of the kids in her stories don’t have money. They live in abusive households or their parent is an addict. And instead of making the story about their hardships, she makes it about something good that can happen to them. Like love. Like education. Like a break. It’s always fantastic.

With Echoes Between Us, Katie is taking a different route with the same morals at heart.

This novel is Katie’s first foray into paranormal. There’s GHOSTSSSSS! BOO!

Okay, really it isn’t “boo.” I love it because it’s about ghosts not being bad in general. Instead, it’s about letting go of the past and moving forward. She also includes a girl with a brain tumor. This is very different for her because, for the most part, she doesn’t write about “sick kids” or kids/people with terminal diseases. I thought she did fantastically. I’m not really a fan of the “sick kid” trope, but I’m sure teens with brain tumors, etc would love those books. I’m not sure. But, I really loved that Katie tried something different. And I really feel she knocked it out of the park.

Both of the main characters, Veronica and Sawyer, are completely round, just as Katie does. Every single character she writes (including the ghosts) are completely rounded. No character is flat in a Katie McGarry novel. This is so refreshing because so many times there will be a narrator in a love story that is completely flat, a trope, or just so uninteresting. The girl and boy in this story are both extremely interesting. They both have their own issues completely unrelated to their relationship.

This is a kind of slow-burn novel. Not the slowest of burn, but enough of a slow burn that I LOVED IT. This book was also a hater to lovers (YES). It was awesome when they finally got together, and I’ll let you discover it on your own.

One of the amazing things about this book was Sawyer's addiction to adrenaline. It was told so beautifully. Sawyer is addicted to jumping off things into water, which he does and breaks his arm. This sucked for him because he’s a swimming champion. So there was a lot of conjecture about how he broke his arm from the characters in the novel. Reading his struggle… It was incredibly moving. He also starts to attend AA meetings, which I just adored. He constantly felt like he wasn’t supposed to be there, but in the end, the meetings and his sponsor both helped him with his addiction. I loved this part of the story because it’s not one I encounter in books, especially teen fiction.

I always feel like a bad reviewer because I don’t write these reviews very well. I’m like, “I liked this part” and “I loved this part.” But in the end, this is basically a diary for me, which I hope gives me a bit of credibility. I know when I read a good YA book. And this is one. No surprise because Katie McGarry is a fantastic writer. I hope you all give this book a try when it comes out this January. Here are some links where you can preorder. And do yourself a favor and read this rest of her books.