Could Not Stop Reading!

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I started this book and then couldn't stop! Seriously un-put-downable! Katie McGarry's characters are always so captivating, and she includes drama in her stories in a way that you simply can't wait to see what happens next. Echoes Between Us is a perfect example, because this is a powerful story with breathtaking characters. Katie McGarry writes stories that bring her characters to life and Veronica and Sawyer were definitely characters you should take the time to meet! Veronica edge made her so strong and invulnerable at the same time and once you learn why she guards herself that way you will be brought to tears! Then you add Sawyer as her perfect counterbalance and safe space, and you will be completely hooked! This is my second favorite Katie McGarry book, after Pushing the Limits, because it is hard to write a story that can surpass Noah and Echo's, but this one came close!