An Endearing Coming-of-Age Love Story

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Echoes Between Us was an endearing coming-of-age love story that showcased the beauty of first love and the joys of living for the present. With two teens on crucial crossroads, McGarry again utilized her effortless way of bringing opposites together and setting Veronica and Sawyer on a path to not just collide spectacularly, but to further their individual paths. That brilliance, captured so well, made for an easy story to fall for.

There was an added layer of the paranormal—what ended up feelings like a natural, smart way to move story progression forward and to deepen their connection—that somehow felt like it belonged in this contemporary setting. Veronica and Sawyer were sweet and incredibly easy to root for. Their arcs held depth and purpose, and I loved seeing how their friendship evolved into something more meaningful. I was slow on the come-up that this was a standalone set in the world of Only A Breath Apart, but rest assured that you can read this one without reading the other—knowing the heroine and some secondary characters previously just added a nice connection for those who’ve read it to enjoy. While the first quarter to half of the story was relatively slow-going, I was able to look past that once the story really opened up. I loved the message it told and how easy it was to like each character who came on the page, and I look forward to what she writes next.