A Walk to Remember with ghosts

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Veronica can see ghosts: namely the ghost of her mother but others as well. When Sawyer and his family move in downstairs from her, Veronica enlists him in her senior year project, proving that ghosts really exist. Sawyer reluctantly agrees, he’s strangely drawn to Veronica, even though she’s a social outcast.

Echoes Between Us pleasantly surprised me with its sweet story, solid, dynamic characters, and unique issues. While it is primarily a romance, it also tackles some heavy topics such as addiction, alcoholism, cancer, and death. Told in alternating first-person between Sawyer and Veronica, it has an intimate feel and closely explores each’s vulnerabilities. Veronica is whimsical and full of life, despite having a potentially fatal brain tumor. Sawyer is compassionate and loving, spending most of his time taking care of his sister and mother, all while battling his adrenaline junkie compulsions telling him to jump off dangerous cliffs.

Echoes Between Us reminded me a bit of A Walk to Remember but with ghosts. It’s an emotional but lovely story, and I thoroughly recommend it to other fans of emotional YA.