a good book so far!

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I really liked this book because I liked how the author described the characters in the pages unlike some authors that don’t say what the characters look like. I really liked how there were 2 different groups at school it makes it very interesting. I really like how the main character is very different and “weird” while the other kids are “normal.” I liked the main characters thoughts I honestly related to her thinking. The setting of the town is very eerie and mysterious, it adds a lot of suspense as to why the town is like that. I really liked how there was a difference between the popular boy and the weird girl, they haven’t talked before and I feel like later in the book they will finally talk with each other. I noticed that the main character really wants to talk to the popular boy and get to know him better but her friends are telling her not to because he would just use her. Overall I really liked this book!