Get Ready to Create!

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loraine oliver Avatar


This book is fantastic. It is the perfect go to book to learn how to draw, and different techniques to use. It helps you learn what to get in supplies, so you will be ready to paint or draw and have what you need.

The book is broken down into different categories so you can find what you want, three different drawing techniques you can use to draw or paint, and even shows you a variety of techniques to draw or paint the fur to make it look real!

The drawings of the different animals provided makes it really easy to take up a pencil or paint and draw these animals. With all the information you get from blending colors, drawing, tracing, using the grid method, and using paint and the ability to do this by getting what you need to create wonderful pictures is really rewarding.

I highly suggest this book for amateurs and even people with some experience! I gave this book 5 creative stars!