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so I got this book for my younger sister who was begging me for this book and do NOT let the cute cover fool you. This book was amazing and so detailed that helped my little sister improve her art skills A LOT. It was very detailed and included even the very small things which my sister loved. The coloring in part was pretty confusing for me and my sister though. It was pretty difficult but at the end we got it done and my personal favorite was the kitty it was so adorable! I recommend this book if your trying to get into art its very good and helped my sister a lot! Also me since I'm a pretty immature artist this helped a lot! Their isn't much to say about this book to be completely honest, just that I recommend if you love drawing. My rate is 10/10 and I recommend this if you have a younger sibling or someone who loves to draw. My sister loved it so I hope you or your siblings or niece etc, would like it!