Okay read for a quick dragon slaying read, if you like that sort of thing

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This is a difficult book for me to rate/review because monster slaying books are not my genre. If I were rating this book based on my personal walk-away, it would be more like 2 stars. But in fairness to the author and the book itself, for those looking for a book about dragon slaying, I'd say it's more 3.5 stars.

Dragonslayer is well written and I like the characters. The story moves quickly and doesn't get bogged down by an author who is so determined to detail every aspect of the world he has built that the story stagnates, so it has an immediate, modern feel. Overall, I liked that about it, but it did sometimes move faster than I thought the plot and characters deserved. It keeps it a fairly light read and investment in characters and plot may not be deep enough to win over some readers. If you're looking for a slower and more detailed narrative, this is not it.

The author uses multiple POVs in this book. Generally, it is done well. It is even what interested me most on my first impression, as the dragon itself is named and given a POV rich with thought and reason; Alpheratz is no mere monster. But the dragon's POV was few and far between and ultimately, I'm not sure how well it served the story as a whole. It definitely impacted my personal takeaway of the book, but not necessarily for the better.

This book is the first of a trilogy and there is enough about it that I enjoyed that despite my own lack of love for a dragon slaying tale, I am still tempted to check in on them again, if I want a quick read.