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I read a sample of the book, on bookish first and I really enjoyed it. I won the book in their raffle and was excited. Once I got deeper into the book I liked it but not as much as I thought I would,
For a while I felt like something is missing, the world building , there is none really. we are just thrown in and we are there but that is just about it and sometimes even half way through I just felt lost.
Another thing that bothered me a bit was switching the POV randomly, just anywhere in a chapter without a warning the next paragraph was a different POV. This could, have been because it was a review copy but for this copy is was a bit confusing.
Other than that I enjoyed this book, I enjoyed the story, (for the most part.)
What I really enjoyed was that we get a voice of the dragon, and I really enjoyed that and we don't too often get that.
I liked that the book also deals with some real life issues, like alcoholism.
Overall, it was okay book and the while the writing was good it could have been better with the world building but other than that I liked it.
I give it 3 ★