Magic and Dragons

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Although it wasn’t a book that hooked me from the very beginning, as I read on I really enjoyed the story line. My favorite thing is definitely the dragons’ perspective chapters. It humanizes Alpheratz and lets you feel empathy for him.
As the characters develop, the dynamic of each of them becomes engrossing. Gill has his fair share of problems but I liked watching him “wake up” and fulfill his duties. Learning about the history of dragons was heart wrenching.
The magical aspect was explored in a way that intrigued me. I liked that most were not powerful and were still developing and learning.
Solene seems mysterious at first and even though I was sad about her decision with the Prince Bishop, I think she ended up with a huge advantage. She’s a great addition to the character list.
It has a good vs evil aspect that makes a story interesting. It seems geared toward adolescent boys who enjoy magic, dragons and adventure. I would recommend Dragonslayer to youth.