It was a decent read

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Okay, can we just take a moment to appreciate this gorgeous cover? The dragon looks epic and I absolutely love it! Its one thing that drew me in along with the synopsis and of course, the title. Although I liked the idea of this book, it just felt lackluster to me.

The book is written with multiple point of views. Usually I enjoy it because it adds to the characters and their development throughout the story. I didn't feel that it added it much to the characters as much as I would have liked. My favorite point of view was from the dragon, Alpheratz. It was a great detail that I have not seen before.

The main character Guillet was interesting and had a harsh background. Since he was a drunk, he took everything so lightly at times. He was always calm and collected through the bad and I loved his character. I found myself laughing at a few of his lines.

When it came to the other characters, they were just okay. They added to the plot but at times it felt like they knew things about the other characters plans without any context. Maybe I missed it. I also felt like some of the characters weren't as developed as others and when it came to connecting with them it just wasn't there.

The plot was good but I love plot twists and all were quite obvious minus one. I wish there would have been more from the dragon. The ending felt very anti-climatic and didn't appeal to me. The author did set it up for a second book but it wasn't a major cliffhanger that makes me want the second book instantly.

Overall, I just wanted more. I am hoping there will be more character development and more world building in the second book.