Hilarious and immensely enjoyable

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I actually read an ARC of this about a hundred years ago and it totally and completely captured my heart. There are some flaws, yes, as in almost every book, but I found the 'whoops I accidentally joined a dragon-slaying club but it's made up of old men and there are no dragons left' to be an absolutely hilarious synopsis.

What I found inside was a lot of camaraderie, friendship, (a lot of) mistakes, and a very sympathetic dragon. Oh, and drunkenness, but honestly. If there are dragons to do battle with (and there are) , I think it's pretty forgivable.

I really enjoyed the character of Solene and her stubborn, magic wielding witchiness. And how she honest and truly never gives up. If you like knights and barmaids-turned-witches, you'll like this book.