Great Fantasy

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This book was received as an ARC from The Author, 
Duncan M. Hamilton and the Publisher Tor Teen, in exchange for an honest review. Opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own.

Once a member of the King’s personal guard, Guillot dal Villevauvais 
is now a middle age over weight, and living his life down a bottle. Gill needs to resurrect himself if he is actually going to accomplish the daunting task set before him ....and become the eponymous Dragonslayer once more , ...Our hero 

Selene character slowly builds but she just wants to have a simple life. A character in this book that I was connected to, I was really intrigued by the undefined nature of her raw magic I just wished there was more of her in the storyline. Maybe I am just being biased. 
Together they join forces to take down a vengeful dragon, Alpheratz
The storyline develops as millennium of old secrets are brought to the surface. 

This Old school Fantasy World-building but it felt somewhat light. Personally I think the book is actually more character driven.
The Authors creative and engaging dialogue and writing style, sucked me into this heroic, adventure fantasy, world. 

Together they join forces as a millennium of old secrets are brought to the surface, What really stood out for me was how the author descriptive voice of the Dragons POV. Hamilton draws on our sympathies for the dragons and gives them emotions. 

This is the First installment in Hamilton’s Trilogy, And I am already looking forward to reading more. The author gives little subtle hints of empire he is building.
I think there is going to be more back story brought to life in the following books in this series.