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Needed Dragon Slaying in the book! Lol!
The title is Dragonslayer is it not? Why wasn't there lots of Dragonslaying?

I was super excited to read this, especially needing a dragon fix after G.O.T finishing up (HBO series) hehe.

My thoughts: there are lots of magical elements in the book just lacked the dragonslaying parts. I did enjoy having a witch in the book that was fantastic! The author is good at writing and I hope to read the next book in this trilogy(well maybe?), hope some things will be talked about more. I also wished there had been more world building. However, I understand that the author might not want to give everything away on the first book.

I found the book lacked a lot more than it gave. However, the entire book was not a waste.

I finished it and that speaks volumes. I rated it 2 stars because it had more not going for it. Just ok...