A Fabulous Fantasy Adventure

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I flew through this book. I quickly fell in love with Guillot's grumpy attitude and the trouble he falls into by trying to do the opposite. There are so many classic fantasy tropes wrapped up into this adventure and they all work collectively to create a fast paced and humorous tale with endearing characters. It has everything a classic fantasy adventure needs - knights in shining armor, dragons, damsels in distress (but who actually don't really need your help, thanks anyway). It's a simple story, but the characters are relatable and it's a story I know I'll read again.

If you're a dragon lover, don't let the title scare you away from reading this book and it's sequels. The lore in this world is well developed and I think dragon lovers everywhere will ultimately be pleased with what they discover. I highly recommend this book to young adult and adult fantasy readers alike.