3 Stories, 2 Species, 1 Collision Course

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The names and setting reminds me of France in the Medieval Era with lords, vandals, myth, magic, and dragons...or should I say Dragon.
The author writes of two men. One bent on forging his future by destroying what is tio restore what was. Re-institute magic into the world and take control of the kingdom and perhaps the world. The second man is running from his past by drowning in buckets of wine and wasting away his family fortune and land on the outskirts of the kingdom. Problem is, this man is the last of a proud elite guard known as the Silver Circle. These men have been enhanced with magic to battle dragons with sword and magic. They waged way and killed all dragons in existence, or so they thought.
The dragon awakens to find his mate dead and their eggs destroyed. He is the last of his kind and he will avenge his family and his race.
These three are on a crash course of epic proportions.