Twists and Turns Galore

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In modern day New York, Alexa finally has it all: a job she loves, an apartment all her own, and the independence she’s craved her entire life. Being an identical twin, Alexa has struggled to separate herself from her sister, Beth, the black sheep of the family. Exiled from home, Beth has kept track of her sister’s life, and makes her reappearance just when Alexa is thriving. Throw in a deeply tumultuous past, secrets that will destroy them both, and Alexa’s new boyfriend that Beth doesn’t trust, the two sisters will stop at nothing to ensure they each get what they want.

I’ve got to start off saying, DO NOT READ THE BACK OF THE DAMN BOOK. It literally tells one of the twists. Yes, there is another twist in the book, but the spoiler pissed me off so good I texted my best friend at 2 in the morning to rant.

All that being said, I finished the book and it was damn good. A fast paced read with twists and turns, it was worth finishing. You’re sympathetic towards almost all the characters, and the bad guy ends up not being who you think. Overall, Bidonde did an incredible job on a first novel. Gripping, twisty, and explosive, Do You Follow? examines how social media shapes the world we live in, what some will go through for fame, and what family will go through to protect, and get away from, one another.