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Do You Follow is the story of Alexa, fresh New York transplant with a new apartment, new job, new boyfriend, and a possible evil twin Beth. They share the same face, therapist, and deep dark secrets.
The story opens at the police station with Alexa being interviewed about and accused of the murder of her boyfriend Curt. She swears it wasn't her, but instead her identical twin Beth. We get duel point of views, both Beth and Alexa, as well as a present timeline and peeks into the past. I really like dual point of view books so that part was a plus for me. I also like a dual timeline so another mark in the win column. I really like the premise but this book was just too wordy for me. I tend to prefer less meaningless description and more in depth growth or build up. Thank you to Greenleaf Book Group and NetGalley for an audiobook in exchange for my honest review. 3 stars.