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Outlier alert!
I know that many of my fellow trusted reviewers loved this one, but for me, it was been there, done that, saw where this was going from literally the first page.

It is one of my most detested plot tropes and although there was one twist I didn't see coming. The ending was a little bit surprising but kind of a head scratcher.

As I said with one of my updates, there is no way this would have gone to trial, and if it did, the DA does not call the defendant to the stand. That was a totally laughable plot hole and I thought that the author could have done a bit more research to make it at least somewhat plausible.

I listened to the audiobook of this one and the narrator Marnye Young did a great job at distinguishing the various voices of the characters. Overall this was a very fast-paced listen, I was able to get through it while doing things around the house in one afternoon.

Too bad that this didn't work for me, but I know others have loved it so if it interests you give it a chance.