Hard Pass

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I did not read anything about this book, or even have any knowledge of what it was about until I picked it up to read. I felt that the writing was solid and had a good flow to it and I immediately became immersed in this book. I liked that the book alternated voices as it progressed and the second sister enters the story. This is where my problems really begin with this book. At work, the first sister finds common ground with and begins to see a guy that was in the same mental hospital that she was in. She has her other sister at home that was in the same mental hospital, however of course there is no chance she would already know this guy maybe because she was supposed to be the crazier of the two. I, also, find it odd that the parent that is supposed to be all up in the girl's business just disappears and is not in the plot. I am not going to go on ad nauseum about the issues that I have with the overall story, however the key here is that research needs to happen when books are written about things that people actually deal with. Mental health should never be viewed in this framework. If you are going to write a book dealing with the courts, you need to know how the courts work. Thanks for the ARC, NetGalley.