Great Potential - Needs More Detail

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Do You Follow is a good beginning to what should have been a great book. From the beginning, a savvy reader would be able to predict what the story was all about and it what direction you were being led. There were moments of "Oh, no! Watch Out!" but they were few. Every time a twist or turn was brought to my attention, it was more of an "Yep. I saw that coming." This book was more of a first draft or outline that needed some more depth and detail. Insert Spoiler Here: We meet Alexa. We watch Alexa leave for a job and an indepence in NYC. Alexa gets a job, and has her own apartment. Alexa's twin sister, Beth arrives. Something doesn't seem right with Beth. Is Beth real? Who is the bad twin - Alexa or Beth. Bad things happen when Beth is around but is it really Alexa doing the bad things blaming Beth? The chapters are labelled with both names but sometimes Alexa gets two chapters in a row. The job is unbelievably good for someone who has just started - the responsibilities are geared for someone with more experience. Then we are introduced to the boyfriend - a guy Alex knows for only a blink of an eye yet they are instant lovers. Boyfriend moves in and "meets" Beth. The fun begins and quickly ends. There is only one thing that I didn't see but it wasn't a shocker. There are a lot of holes in this story; however, I couldn't put the book down hoping for a better ending. The book needed details, it needed some fattening up for lack of better terms. It wasn't as different a story as the author may have hoped. I give it three stars for effort and for future potential books. I will add that it is a book that I believe many will love, and could see it as a potential movie script!