Did not meet expectations

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Alex and Beth are twins. And twins are always close. But these two are even closer than most. Alex is New York bound and determined to start a new and independent life, leaving the stress and dramatics of her twin behind. Beth has just been released from an institution and immediately winds up on Alex’s doorstep. Chaos ensues.

First. Poor idea putting one of the main twists on the back of the book.

Two. I don’t think I would have loved the book even if everything had a been a surprise. I felt the twists ended up feeling over the top while also lacking the nuance of successful thrillers.

Overall, I the book could have benefited from deeper character development and less filler. There was a notable amount of content (in a relatively short novel) about the pandemic that did not feed into the larger story, as well as ramblings about reality television, the Starbucks logo, and other awkward references.