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I really enjoyed reading this book. I think the author J.C Bidonde is an author that knows how to keep you invested in the story, and keeps you wanting to read the book.
Alexa is a complicated character, who has been in a psych ward and is trying to find her independance in this world, even though her father is extremely reluctant to allow her the freedom. We also meet Beth who is a twin sister, who has also been institutionalized. I read the whole book thinking that these two characters were separate and alive, but at the end you begin to fully understand all the mental instability that is involved.
This psychological thriller will give you a realistic glimpse into the mind and world of someone who has gone through severe trauma and is still trying to live a normal life. You also see the part that social media plays in a person's motives and how it encourages people (kurt) to do things that aren't ok.
This book has suicide, murder, mental illness and is a short but great read!