Attention grabbing

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We open up with Alexa who is in an interrogation room at the local police station. She is thinking to herself about what events transpired that night. What we know from her thoughts is that her boyfriend Curt was murdered, apparently by her twin sister Beth. Beth and Alexa have a complicated relationship it seems. The next chapter goes on to have Alexa explain that Beth and herself don't speak much, despite Alexa thinking about her every day. The perspective then changes to Beth and we see how drastically different the twins are personality wise. I really love the stark contrast in the characters. They are vastly unique in comparison to each other. Beth admits to missing her sister in her therapy sessions with Dr. Greer. We then go back to Alexa who is moving into New York City for her new job. I really like how real the characters in this seem. I'm very curious to read more and see what actually happened regarding the murder and the sisters.