Opens the door to many questions that you feel like you need to keep reading to find the answers.

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Instantly you as the reader are introduced to emotions and happenings that only instill so many question you find the need to read for the answers. What happened to Malcom? Why is your mother so upset with your father? As you continue reading you find the main character speaking his thoughts and feelings aloud to his son who recently passed and you find yourself asking his son your own questions as well. I'm not sure how to describe styles of writing but I am quite enthralled with the authors style so far. It's a realistic, descriptive breakdown of one man's thought process and his struggle to understand his emotions or potential lack there of. I can relate to that "narrative" style of one's own thoughts. The "first-glance" also opens up the discussion of racial narratives and I feel that it is an important discussion to be had as I know many including myself would benefit from being educated. The book cover itself also leaves more to question initially. I really enjoyed a glance into this book and will add it to my TBR list.