Intrigued.... I need to know more!

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This book in a word Intrigues me. And that is something that always draws me in. How will the cover connect to the story? Will the duality of the cover, deep ocean with the jellyfish vs and the land with the loose dirt act clues to the larger mystery or will they be metaphors that I should consider part of the novel's argument? Will the narrator be the rich black soil that was the foundation for cotton and slavery or the ownership of the land that was the plantation owner? Jellyfish are beautiful to look at but deadly in their element, yet take them out of that specific world and they almost dissolve in the fragility? There is so much that connects to this cover to narratives summary and sample.chapter, all of which draws me in and resonates to makes me feel uncertain and uncomfortable, something to be embraced and which challenges me to investigate and discover how all these contradictions and pieces work together. This is a book I want too explore!