The first impression was amazing, the rest of the book was not

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I'd like to thank BookishFirst and Tor for an ARC of this book.

When I read the first impression of this book on BookishFirst, I was head over heels in love with it. I loved the way the book began, the detailed description of the men Nina is about to kill in the first two pages and how they fight, and with the gritty premise of saving a broken America, I was sold.

The rest of the book was a far cry from that premise. While the writing was the same, and the level of detail is the reason why it got a two-star rating from me instead of a one-star rating, I had to push myself to stay engaged and interested in this novel.

At first, I thought my disinterest might have been because of the fact that in the United States things aren't going too well and this novel was hitting too close to home for comfort, but the further in I got, the more I realized I just did not find myself attached to any of the characters. The sex scenes felt like they were shoehorned in for added effect instead of being built up to, and by the end I did not feel any desire to continue on with the series when the next book comes out.