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“How am I supposed to maintain a vengeance boner for the Franklin Center if I’m no better than them?”

Deal with the Devil is not your average sci-fi novel with a side of romance.

The first in what I hope is a long series about “mercenary librarians,” this novel is speculative and political and absolutely thrilling.

First, the non-spoiler: in this world, a century hence, what was the United States has finally gone to the metric system. I know that the hero in this story is 1.78 meters tall. But the star of this book is the heroine, Nina.

She and her sisters were genetic experiments in the aftermath of the Flares, which took out the world as we know it, creating a dystopian hellscape of a United States. Our cities still exist but a major tech org has destroyed it. Nina escaped the Franklin Center, which made her into an automon who followed orders and easily killed anyone. Then her sisters died and she eventually escaped and created a chosen family with two women, Maya and Dani, with whom she lives and works.

One day, Captain Knox, all 1.78 meters of him, walks into her life and lures their crew on an adventure with his group, called the Silver Devils.

It’s a complicated world that I will not ruin for future readers in this review. This book is awesome. Compelling sci-fi and the joy of a great friend crew. Well plotted and well executed.