Not What I Expected

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Ever start reading a book thinking you know what the premise is but realize you were very wrong? That was this novel for me.

In short, Knox’s group is known as the Silver Devils. They’re on a rescue mission to retrieve their kidnapped hacker who can save the team from dying of the experimental implants inside of them. To do that he needs to convince a lethal information broker (Nina) to accompany them on a fake trek to the lost Library of Congress server. If everything goes right and Nina doesn’t suspect foul play, Knox can hand over Nina to the kidnappers in exchange for their hacker.

I really liked the two crews that came together between Knox’s rag tag team of brothers and Nina’s girl squad. You could sense the author was trying to build a family dynamic between the individuals and that is something I really enjoy in my reads. Each character had their own unique quirks and personalities that meshed within the inner circle of each crew. My biggest drawback was the relationship between Knox and Nina. Nina is prone to falling hard and fast and she definitely did in this book. Too much was put into their relationship games and pining. The sex scenes took up a good bit more than expected too. There were many instances where it felt the relationship took over the plot. Honestly, I would’ve enjoyed it more if the relationship was more along the lines of Rafe and Dani. They had a more fluid and realistic connection in this dystopian setting.

I definitely like the world building. Though more focus was put into the individuals, I liked the background that Rocha was building. A world destroyed by Flares where the government reigns supreme and the rest of the world is left to fend for themselves. I was a little thrown off by the Techcorps recruit analysis sections. Since they use numbers to identify the recruits I had a difficult time pinpointing who the analysis was for in some of them. It was a good touch though for the background on the experimentation that was conducted.

This was my first Rocha novel and I am curious where this book will lead if there is another installment. I enjoyed the opportunity to read this one and want to thank Tor Books and Kit Rocha for the advanced reader copy. All thoughts are solely my own.