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DNF. I read about half of "Deal With the Devil." I started reading around the beginning of September, and yeah, it's mostly been sitting unfinished for weeks. It's finally time to admit that I have no desire to finish it. I just don't care anymore, and more than that, I don't feel like there's anything this book could throw at me in the second half that would make me glad to have gone through it in its entirety.

As for why, it's a bit of everything. I was never all that intrigued by the setting or worldbuilding, and the writing was incredibly meh, and don't get me started on how little I cared about the characters, especially the main two characters and the romance. Nina and Knox were so incredibly unconvincing to me, and there's nothing else to keep me reading, so. Haven't read Kit Rocha before, and not planning on reading anything else. Definitely not the book for me.