Nice mix of adventure, sci-fi and suspense

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This story is set in futuristic Atlanta where life is controlled by a company called TechCorps who biochemically adjusts people to give them “superpowers.” The rogue group of Protectorate soldiers, Knox, Conall, Rafe and Gray, who are trying to escape are given a mission to capture a woman in exchange for their biochem expert, Luna who had been kidnapped. Without her, they would each slowly succumb to the failing technology that controlled their bodies. They devise a plan to convince Nina, Dani and Maya who are mercenary librarians to join them in a quest to rescue a library and become wealthy. The plan, as most plans do, eventually goes awry, but in a most unexpected way.
I enjoyed this book for the most part. It is a unique story and very adventurous, but at times it seemed to move along too slowly for me and had too much sexual tension that ended up making it more of a romance at times than a sci-fi, action book. The idea of the story grabbed me but at times I had a hard time staying interested.
Thank you to #BookishFirst and #TorPublishers for the opportunity to read and review this advanced copy of #DealwiththeDevil.