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"Deal with the Devil" is the first book in the new "Mercenary Librarians" series from writing duo Kit Rocha. It follows two bands of exiles in a distant dystopian future Atlanta. We meet Nina, Maya, and Dani, a group of information brokers who each have different enhancements that allow them to do their work. Then we meet the Silver Devils: Captain Knox, Gray, Conall, and Rafe; an ex-military group recently separated from their former employer: TechCorps. TechCorps is an opportunistic business that moved in when the U.S. government failed following a catastrophic environmental event. TechCorps moved in, creating townships dependent on their goodwill for survival. When Nina and the girls meet up with the Silver Devils, they opt to go after a rumored treasure trove of information together, although neither group trusts each other. As the mission goes on, it turns out their distrust is warranted, but their goals are aligning anyway.

This is a fast-paced sci-fi romance that packs plenty of mystery with plenty of heat. There are spicy sex scenes and cursing throughout the novel, so it won't appeal to everyone, but the plotting is good and there are plenty of twists. This is an excellent series start, and that final chapter left me impatient for the next book in the series. Great cover and concept too! Honestly, you had me at mercenary librarians.