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Deal with the Devil takes place in a not-so-faraway, post apocalyptic future where super humans with altered DNA are quite the norm. Nina and her team are simply trying to get by and make their community a more caring and efficient place, while Knox and his cohorts are soldier escapees from the Protectorate. The only thing is, no one escapes the protectorate once they’ve joined, and their only hope for survival has been compromised unless Knox captures and turns over Nina to someone unknown.

Unfortunately, this book really wasn’t my cup of tea. I thought the plot sounded so wild and fun, but the execution is just not there. The dialogue is quite boring, and the “sexual tension” is so forced I literally roll my eyes every time I come across it. I put the book down after pretty much ever chapter because it feels so exhausting trying to get through muddled plot set up and strange time lapses. I was a little shocked to find out who was looking for Nina, but the ending still turned out to be a little too nice and clean for my liking. I think I’ll be skipping the second book.