Kickass Librarians? Yes, please!

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I adored Deal with the Devil! I think this one is going to be on a lot of the Best of lists for 2020 for sure. In particular, I bet this will fly off of library shelves. If you love libraries and librarians, you’re going to love the kickass librarians saving the day in post-apocalyptic America!

There’s so much to love here: the world-building is phenomenal, the characters are dynamic, the dialogue and banter are sparkling, the danger is nail-biting in intensity, and all of these elements come together to make a surprisingly harmonious book considering its so dystopian!

I never knew mercenary libraries were something I needed until I discovered this book, and I am SO thrilled it is the start of a new series. Nina and Knox complimented each other perfectly and grabbed my attention from the very first page. If you’re looking for a new series that as equally as plot-driven as it is character-driven, look no further — this one is sure to please!