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It has been ages since I read a Kit Rocha book. I was obsessed with their Beyond series because the world was different, the rules were nonexistent, and I really enjoyed the characters. So, when I saw that there was a new series out that dealt with MERCENARY LIBRARIANS, I absolutely had to jump on it!

“You know I’m a terrible idea, right? There’s nothing good inside me. Nothing about me that ends well.”

For the most part this book was good. I enjoyed the world a lot and I found the world building interesting. Supposedly it’s the same as the Beyond series, but honestly, I didn’t make that connection at all. Even still, I loved being back in a dystopian world and I honestly feel like this world that Rocha has created here was fleshed out well. I understood the scenes and how the characters fit into everything so that was a plus.

The characters were interesting, and I really enjoyed the whole “super solider” spin. My only issue was that I just couldn’t connected with anyone. I was interested and I wanted to find out what happened, but nothing tugged at my heart. I was able to put this book down and not think of it until I picked it back up again. I’m not sure what it was exactly, but I just wasn’t into them.

Overall, the book was good but not great for me. The world building and the action was really the best part. The characters were okay, had really interesting back stories, but I just wasn’t into the connections they made in this book. Will I keep reading? Heck yes, I will because like I said, the world is amazing. I hope the characters can be a little more convincing in the next book.