I am looking forward to more in this new world.

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I received an unedited hard copy of this book from these authors, after I had already pre-ordered the kindle version. Sadly I am spoiled, I couldn't get into the book having been reading e books since before Kindle was around, I truly had a hard time getting into the flow of this story. I don't really think it was the story as more of the fact that I didn't carry the book with and therefore couldn't just whip out my iPhone to resume reading where I left off or access it from my desktop, I had to actually have the physical item with me and it felt different, cumbersome. I started and stopped the story several times, but when it actually hit my e reader I was ready to get back into the interesting world this story was in.
As with all first books of a new series, it was filled with a multitude of interesting characters and lives to be eventually filled out within future books. You get the up close and personal info on Nina and Knox, but with more possible for future stories. While you can't really say that Nina and Knox get their HEA, they do get to the HFN.
As with previous series for these authors, you get inventive, gritty characters and storylines. Neither are completely angelic, but neither are they beyond redemption, but always doing the best that can be done at the moment. The writing is exceptional so I will be looking forward to the next book in this series, and possibly re-reading this one right before its publication date.
This book is well worth your time and $$.
At no point was I pressured to write this review, and happily doing so.