High octane action in a dystopian future

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Deal with the Devil is set in a future US in the Atlanta area in the 2080s. Solar flares and storms in the 2040s damaged infrastructure and destabilized the government. Energy wars followed. The southeastern US is controlled by a corporation called TechCorps. There is no regulation of genetic engineering, human experimentation and biometric implants. There is more cruelty than kindness, and corporations are more important than people.
Nina is an escaped genetically engineered clone and leads a group of three women. They are a team of information brokers who try to save and distribute books and help their community. Garrett leads a squad of soldiers, the Silver Devils, who defected from the TechCorps.
All of the characters are wanted by TechCorps and have a price on their head. They have special abilities so it's like reading about superheroes.
Deal with the Devil has non-stop action and intrigue and really cool tech. A steamy yet conflicted romance develops between Nina and Garrett. The banter between the characters is fun and humorous. It was a great read and I'm really looking forward to the next book.